Balltown Dreams  Route

The Balltown Dreams Route is named for a couple of its prominent features; the Field of Dreams movie site near Dyersville, Iowa, and Balltown, Iowa, which is a popular motorcycle destination.  Like the two part name, this route has two distinct sections. One section explores the Mississippi bluffs northwest of Dubuque. The roads in this area include tight turns and big elevation changes. The Balltown Overlook is worth stopping for…the views are tremendous. The other section of this route is situated on the rolling farmland west of Dubuque. Outside of Dyersville, stop and have a catch at the Field of Dreams movie site. Stretch your legs and take a lap around the bases.  In addition to the overlook and the ball field, there are many more things to see and do. In Dubuque, there are both city attractions like museums and monuments, and natural attractions such as parks and recreation areas. While you are in Dubuque be sure to take a ride on the Fenelon Place Elevator.  Both sections of the Balltown Dreams route take you to many small towns with scenic parks, museums and quaint stores as well.
Balltown Dreams Route (pictured above): ~270 miles; 7 riding hours
Balltown Dreams Lite Route (not pictured): ~190 miles; 5.5 riding hours
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  • Dubuque:  Crystal Lake Cave, Mines of Spain Recreation Area, Julian Dubuque Monument, Fenelon Place Elevator, Shot Tower, 3 Statue of Liberty Replicas, Mississippi River Museum
  • Dyersville:  Field of Dreams, Inwood Woodcarving Exhibit, Dyer-Botsford Doll Museum, National Farm Toy Museum
  • New Vienna:  White Pine Hollow State Park, Heritage House Museum
  • Farley:  Farley Speedway
  • Guttenberg:  Mississippi River Scenic Overlook
  • Hopkinton:  Delaware County Historical Society
  • Greeley:  Fountain Spring Park
  • Edgewood:  Edgewood Museum
  • Peosta:  New Melleray Abbey
  • Delhi:  Delhi Silver Lake County Park
  • Epworth:  Freedom Rock
  • Holy Cross:  Double L Vineyard
  • Balltown:  Balltown Scenic Overlook
  • Delaware Crossing Scenic Byway