Bi-State  Route

This route is called the Bi-State Route because it straddles the Iowa-Minnesota border along the Mississippi River. It provides a mix of both beautiful scenery and amazing roads as it follows the Upper Iowa River on Iowa River Drive and the Root River on both Highways 16 and 21 in Minnesota.  These roads consist of mostly open sweeping curves, but be careful, some tight turns are waiting to sneak up on you.  This route also has you bouncing between bluff tops and deep valleys, as well as riding along the Mississippi River for a nice stretch between Reno and Brownsville.  In addition to the great roads, the Bi-State route also provides access to 3 of Iowa’s waterfalls in and around Decorah. Plentiful parks, monuments, museums, and even Niagara Cave are waiting for you on this scenic ride.
The Bi-State Route (pictured above): ~250 miles; 6.25 riding hours
The Bi-State Line Route (not pictured): ~180 miles; 5.5 riding hours
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  • Caledonia:  Beaver Creek Valley State Park, Schech’s Mill, Houston County Courthouse
  • Harmony:  Niagara Cave, Amish Tours of Harmony
  • Preston:  2 Way Oldmobile, Huge Trout Statue
  • Decorah:  Locust School Museum, Dunning Spring Falls, Ice Cave Hill Park, Malanaphy Falls, Pulpit Rock/Will Baker Park, Seiwar Spring Falls, Chattahoochie County Park
  • Spring Grove:  Giants of the Earth Heritage Center, Viking, Troll, Bear Statues
  • Cresco:  C Baker / Chimney County Park
  • Hokah:  Como Falls
  • Houston:  International Owl Center
  • Dorchester:  Ryumonji Zen Monastary