Boaz Caz Route

The Boaz Caz route is situated north of the Wisconsin River and west of Spring Green, WI. It is named for 2 small towns along the route: Boaz and Cazenovia. These towns are typical of many of the towns and villages along the route; small but very important to the surrounding farming community.  This route will keep you on your toes as it consists mostly of small named roads and county roads with only a few state roads in the mix. The named roads are narrow with tight turns and some of them turn into tree tunnels during the summer and fall. In addition to the curves, this route was designed with many elevation changes throughout the entire ride.  While most of the Boaz Caz route is located in the hills and valleys north of the Wisconsin River, it also includes a very scenic section of highway 60 that places you dramatically at the water’s edge. Another can’t miss sight are the rock formations in Pier County Park in Rockbridge. This is also a great place to camp or just stop for a picnic.
Richland Center is the largest town long the Boaz Caz route, and it is also the home of the AD German Warehouse which was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Although there are many small towns along this route, many of them do not have fuel or other services, so we recommend you fill up where possible and keep an eye on your gas gauge.  Don’t overlook this route where you can experience the wonderful hidden valleys and open ridge tops boasting incredible views in every direction.
Boaz Caz Route (pictured above): ~230 miles; 7 riding hours
Boaz Caz Lite (not pictured): ~190 miles; 5.5 riding hours
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  • Blue River:  Eagle Cave
  • Richland Center:  Richland County Courthouse, Krouskop Park, AD German Warehouse
  • Viola:  S&S Cycle
  • Rockbridge:  Pier County Park