Buena Vista  Route

This route is named for Alma’s Buena Vista Park which is not only a great place to stop and stretch, it also features the largest natural balcony overlooking the Mississippi River. Visitors can watch barges traveling up and down the river and locking through Lock & Dam #4, or just take in the amazing views of the entire river valley.  Although the park is one of the major attractions on this route, the roads are the real reason to visit the area. The geography along the Mississippi River consists of high bluffs and deep, secluded valleys. Many of the roads connecting the various towns and villages follow the contours of the land which results in a roller coaster type of ride in several areas. As you travel farther northeast away from the Mississippi River, the hills are not as steep and the land opens up to rolling countryside. Here you encounter longer sweeping corners and more straight sections. Because of the wide variety of road types, this route truly has something for everyone.  The Buena Vista Route has some other interesting attractions as well: The Prairie Moon Sculpture Garden and the Rock in the House are a couple of our favorites. Another local favorite is Elmer’s Auto and Toy Museum, but you should check their hours before you visit. Finally, keep your eye out for the Sasquatch. You never know where it might turn up and it makes for a great photo op!  The Buena Vista Route is one of our all time favorites. It has a lot of the small, secluded roads that we personally enjoy and it is also has some great sights and attractions to visit along the way. This route is close to Winona, Minnesota, which makes a great central point for many of our rides.
So if you have not already done so, make sure to put the Buena Vista Route high on your to-do list.
NOTE:  While all of our routes were created utilizing paved roads, we are not able to keep up with road conditions throughout the entire Driftless Area.  It is up to each rider to assess road conditions and their own abilities in order to assure rider safety.
Buena Vista Route (pictured above): ~235 miles; 6 riding hours
Buena Vista Lite Route (not pictured): ~200 miles; 5 riding hours
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  • Fountain City:  Rock in the House, Elmers Auto and Toy Museum
  • Czechville:  Merrick State Park, Prairie Moon Sculpture Garden
  • Buffalo City:  Viking Statue
  • Alma:  Buena Vista Park, Wings Over Alma, Castlerock Arms and Armory Museum, Buffalo County Courthouse, Riecks Lake Park
  • Mondovi:  Gilmanton Park
  • Independence:  Borst Valley Wildlife Area, Island Park