Eau Claire Route

The Eau Claire Route is another route located on the edge of the driftless area just south of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Located primarily in the Chippewa River valley, this route has more open sweeping curves than tight twisties. Although this route is named for the city of Eau Claire, the route barely ventures into the city itself.
The Eau Claire Route is a gateway route for riders from northeast Wisconsin and certainly for riders from the Eau Claire area and it includes access to Wisconsin Rustic Road #107.  
NOTE:  While all of our routes were created utilizing paved roads, we are not able to keep up with road conditions throughout the entire Driftless Area.  It is up to each rider to assess road conditions and their own abilities in order to assure rider safety.
Eau Claire Route (pictured above): ~230 miles, 6.5 riding hours
Eau Claire Lite Route (not pictured): ~190 miles, 5.5 riding hours
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  • Durand:  Old Courthouse Museum, Pepin County Courthouse, Chippewa Valley Motorcar, George Terrant General Store, Giant Circus Poster
  • Eau Claire:  Pizza Chef, Paul Bunyan Logging Camp, River Garbage Swan
  • Mondovi:  Mirror Lake Park, Tourist Park
  • Rustic Road #107