Lower Kickapoo Route

Lower-Kickapoo-Pic-2 (1).jpg
We named this route for the Kickapoo River because much of the route is located in and around the lower Kickapoo River valley. However, this route will also have you riding along both the Mississippi and the Wisconsin Rivers.  The proximity of this route to the 3 rivers mentioned above results in a great number of fun roads to choose from. Most of this route consists of small roads in the valleys that feed the 3 rivers, but there are also several large stretches of the Great River Road between Prairie du Chien and Ferryville, Wisconsin.
Prairie du Chien is the largest town along this route and was an early settlement in the area. The Villa Louis and Fort Crawford Museum are great side trips for history buffs. On the hilltops east of Gays Mills are a series of apple orchards where the views are amazing and the apples are even better. If you ride this route in the fall, be sure to stop and pick up some apples and other goodies.  The lower Kickapoo Route passes through several small towns, but many of them do not have fuel or other services, so be sure to top up your tank when you can. Prairie du Chien is a good staging point for this route as well as for several others including the Wisconsin Triangle Route, the Iowa Waterfall Route, and the Pike’s Peak Route.
Lower Kickapoo Route (pictured above): ~220 miles; 5.75 riding miles.
Lower Kickapoo Lite Route (not pictured): ~185 miles; 4.75 riding miles.
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  • Prairie du Chien:  Villa Louis, Fort Crawford Museum, Crawford County Courthouse, Tow Boat Wade Childress
  • Gays Mills:  Robb Park, Orchard Ridge, Log Cabin Heritage Park
  • Ferryville:  Sugar Creek Winery, Sugar Creek Bluff State Natural Area
  • Wauzeka:  Kickapoo Indian Caverns