April 28th Update: Slimey Crud Run & Salem-Ragatz Church (River Bend Route)

Sunday is the bi-annual Slimey Crud Run. You can find more information on this event here. We thought it would be nice to highlight an attraction on the River Bend Route, since the stopping point of the Slimey Crud Run, Leland, WI is on that route. Also, we are putting the paper map of the River Bend Route on sale in the Driftless Store this week in honor of the event.

The Salem Evangelical Church, now commonly known as the Honey Creek United Methodist Church, is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. This church and its site commemorate the settlers from Canton Graubueden, Switzerland and their descendants, who established this congregation in 1844. This building was constructed in 1875. It is an outstanding example of 19th Century Vernacular Gothic Design. Especially noteworthy is the pattern of its stone construction. Members of the congregation who built the church were masons Peter Kindschi, Peter Felix and Caster Steube

Located 5 miles west of Prairie du Sac, in 1844, the first congregates of the parish met at the Bartholomew Ragatz home. With a deep devotion to his faith, Mr. Ragatz donated land in 1846 for construction of a log building west of the current church, next to the community's already-established cemetery. This early church was replaced with a stone structure in 1875. In 1904, the church was struck by lightning and burned, leaving only the stone walls. It was rebuilt soon thereafter in the same footprint as the older church with a slightly shorter steeple. In 1942, three Gothic arches were added to the sanctuary of the church.

The church is now available for tours, weddings, and gatherings. Contact a staff member of the Sauk Prairie Area Historical Society to learn more about this historic church, its availability for rental, or to set up a tour.

Even if you don't plan to attend the Slimey Crud Run or ride the River Bend Route, get out and enjoy the weekend! Don't forget to keep the Driftless Challenge entries coming! We will be drawing Aprils winner on Friday!!

Until next week, ride safe and be well!

Dale and Renee

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