February 24th Update: Spotlight on Buena Vista Park (Buena Vista Route)

Five hundred feet above Alma, WI lies Buena Vista Park. This wonderful park is not only a great place to stop and stretch, it also features the largest natural balcony overlooking the Mississippi River. Visitors can watch barges traveling up and down the river and locking through Lock & Dam #4, or just take in the amazing views of the entire river valley. Dale and I were riding the roads that later became the Buena Vista Route when we came upon a sign for the park. We turned up the road to see what we might find and we were so pleasantly surprised that we named the route after the park. The road winds up and up until you finally reach the park. A short walk takes you to the incredible overlook.

We have also hiked and picnicked at Buena Vista's a wonderful spot, so don't pass it by when you are on the Buena Vista Route. If you are feeling really ambitious, you can hike all the way up the bluff from 2nd St in Alma to the top!

Spring is in the air and we are getting the itch to ride! So let’s all stay safe and be well and get ready to ride! Have a great week!

Dale and Renee

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