January 20th Update: Spotlight on Mound Hill Park & Dead Mailman's Castle (Laura Ingalls Wilder RT)

Near Elk Mound, WI lies Elk Mound Hill, one of the highest spots in Dunn County. It towers over the town, and Historians believe the Sioux and Chippewa Indians used it as a lookout. Today, a two-story lookout tower (the castle) offers panoramic views of prairies and hills. The tower was built as a memorial to Dunn County's deceased rural mail carriers, and is believed to be the only such memorial in the nation. It is also believed to be HAUNTED!

It is kind of a strange tribute to begin with, but gets even creepier if you add in the fact that in 1934, rural letter carriers of Dunn County planted a tree on the top of the mound, and placed a plaque dedicated to the "deceased rural letter carriers of Dunn County." Soil taken from every carrier's route was placed around the tree.

The area became a county park in 1937, but poor road conditions to get up the steep hill forced the closing of the park from 1987 to 1994. Improvements were made and the park and tower have been open to visitors ever since. But, what about the visitors who never left?

" As for the supernatural elements, as reported in the Haunted Chippewa Valley by Devon Bell, it is rumored that a young man fell to his death here in the 1980s. Visitors have reportedly felt sick, heard strange screams and laughter, or felt like they were being pushed down the stairs. Mists and odd lights have also been reported. A cached record at Mysterious Heartland claims that "According to an even wilder legend, a dragon is buried in the hill under the tower, making this setting very medieval indeed!"---By Donovan Beeson

Mar 15, 2019 9:00:00 AM | Favorite Places

Sounds like a great place to visit around Halloween...the views of colorful trees would be a site to see. And, you just might meet one of the visitors who never leave the castle!

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