July 14th Update: Spotlight on Stonefield Historic Site, Cassville, WI (Wisconsin Triangle Route)

Located on the Great River Road near Cassville, WI, at the foot of towering bluffs, you will find Stonefield Historic Site. It is the perfect time to feature this destination as they will finally be reopening their doors to the public in August! This is one of those places that brings back memories for us. We went there in elementary school on a field trip! Talk about making you feel old!! You can spend an entire day at Stonefield wandering through the many displays which include:

Nelson Dewey Home

In 1953, the reconstructed Dewey household was set aside from the state park for use as a museum operated by the Wisconsin Historical Society. Originally the "State Farm and Crafts Museum", the interior of the rebuilt Dewey home would later be furnished as Dewey's original house and serve as a house museum interpreting Dewey's life.

Stonefield Village

In 1954, the historical society began plans to accompany the Dewey house with a replica of the sort of rural farming village and farmstead that would have been typical in Wisconsin in around 1900. Work continued on these projects into the 1970s as buildings and objects were added to the site. Today the Stonefield village has over thirty buildings, including a blacksmith shop, general store, schoolhouse, and other stores and social institutions. Some of these buildings are authentic historic structures that were relocated to Stonefield for use in the village. The remainder were built as replicas. Near the village, the Stonefield farmhouse offers visitors a glimpse into the lives of Wisconsin farm families during the early 20th century. Many of the buildings in the village and farmstead are staffed by costumed interpreters who help guide visitors through the site.

Wisconsin State Agricultural Museum

In 1969, the State Agricultural Museum was added to the features at the Stonefield historic site. The museum was built to house the large collection of historic agricultural machinery acquired by the historical society while it was creating the Stonefield village and farmstead. Inside are exhibits detailing the history of Wisconsin agriculture from the time when it was practiced by Native Americans through the early 20th century. The museum also tells of Wisconsin's major agricultural equipment manufacturers, the Case Corporation and Allis-Chalmers, and features many rare and valuable pieces of antique farm equipment.

A great stop along the way or a family destination, get out and support the Stonefield Historic Site!

This also happens to be one of the stops for the Driftless Challenge, so don't forget to get your photo while you are there and enter to win July's prize!

With all the rain of late it has been difficult to get out and ride. On Saturday Dale and I are planning to ride with our youngest son and his girlfriend. We are going to take them on some of our favorite roads near Wildcat Mountain and show them why we love the Driftless Area. Hoping for great weather! Maybe we will meet some of you on the roads!

Until next week, ride safe!

Dale and Renee

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