July 21st Update: Focus on Wildcat Mountain (Wildcat Route) + Video of our Weekend Ride There!

We just returned from a busy weekend in Wisconsin where we managed to squeeze in a day of riding. Saturday we set out from The Driftwood Inn, in Ontario, WI with our son and his girlfriend. It was especially exciting for Dale and I because this was our son's first ride on his own bike in the Driftless Area. We knew we were about to show him just why we love the area so much!

From Ontario we jumped right on one of my favorite roads, Hwy 33 through Wildcat Mountain State Park.

On a steep ridge overlooking the scenic Kickapoo River Valley, Wildcat Mountain State Park offers hiking trails with spectacular views and camping for families, groups, and horseback riders. This is about as close to mountain riding as you will get in the Driftless Area.

The scenery is spectacular and the roads that run through and around it are amazing!!

Please watch the video we made to get a feel for what is in store if you choose to ride the Wildcat Route!

If you find yourself in Ontario around dinner time, be sure to check out the Riversend. The food is amazing and the covered patio is a great place to relax and unwind after a great day of riding.

And don't forget that Wildcat Mountain State Park is one of the stops on the Driftless Challenge! Get your picture and enter July's contest!

And speaking of the Driftless Challenge...We will once again be teaming up with Viking Cycle for our grand prize! They have become one of our favorite places to buy good quality, low cost gear! Renee now has two jackets, one textile and one mesh, and we recently bought our son and his girlfriend each a Viking Cycle jacket as well. We will also be doing a product review of their Dirt / Enduro bike saddlebags very soon. Please also check out Viking Cycle for riding gear!

Until next week, ride safe!

Dale and Renee

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