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June 16th Update: Spotlight on Dunning's Spring Falls, Dad's Day Sale, Twisted Road & Much More!!

Spotlight on Dunning's Spring Falls (Iowa Waterfall Route):

Although Iowa might not be high on your list of waterfall destinations, there are several nice waterfalls in the northeastern area. We created the Iowa Waterfall Route to highlight these natural wonders and we are spotlighting our favorite: Dunning's Spring Falls in Decorah, Iowa.

Dunning's Spring Falls emerges from an underground spring and cascades over 200 feet before it eventually turns into a fast moving stream. These pictures truly fail to do the falls justice.

Since these falls are spring fed, they are not visibly affected by the dry season. Be sure to hike up the board walk and look at the source of the spring.

The last time Renee and I visited, we were able to drive right up to the falls, now I read that you have to park at the entrance and walk up to the falls. Since this is one of the Driftless Challenge spots, we will accept pictures of the Dunning's Spring Park sign as a valid entry.

If you are riding in the Decorah, Iowa area, be sure to visit this beautiful sight.

Father's Day Sale:

Just a quick reminder, get 20% off of everything in our store through Friday (June 18th) at 8:00 am. Just use the code DADSDAY at checkout to get 20% off of your order!!

As you know, Renee and I are working night and day to bring you new riding experiences and this weekend is no exception. We are spending our Father's Day weekend in the Driftless Area trying some new roads and some new tour concepts (1/2 day tours). We will give you an update in the coming weeks.

Driftless Challenge Update:

June is half over and we have several great Driftless Challenge entries. If you need need any additional incentive, we wanted to let you know that we have some great new prizes for the winner. Thanks to everyone for the great pictures we have already received, we are looking forward to seeing more!

Twisted Road:

We wanted to introduce you to a new concept in motorcycle rentals offered by Twisted Road. Austin and the Twisted Road team are connecting riders with renters all over the world. Want to rent a bike? Twisted Road. Want to make some money by renting out your bike? Twisted Road. Want to test ride a different bike? Twisted Road.

I just checked the Twisted Road website and I saw at least 20 bikes available to rent in and around the Driftless Area. Be sure to check out the Twisted Road website the next time you want to rent a bike!

We hope everyone has a safe and happy Fathers Day Weekend!!

Dale and Renee

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