June 23rd Update + New Store Features

We hope you all had a great weekend and got some riding in! We spent a fun weekend in the Driftless Area. Our base was The Fireside Campground near Lone Rock, WI and we enjoyed several rides in the area on Saturday and Monday...Sunday was wash out. The scenery and the roads in the Driftless Area never disappoint!

On this trip, we tried out a new route concept; we created some half day routes, each starting and ending at the Fireside Campground. We used this opportunity to try out some great roads in this area that are not on any of our current routes. Along the way we found a bunch of great new roads and saw some amazing new sights. We will be releasing these routes to our Patrons very soon and eventually we will make them available for everyone. Here are a few highlights:

Fireside Campground

Over Father's Day weekend, we camped at the Fireside Campground which is located in the heart of the Wisconsin River valley between Lone Rock and Gotham, Wisconsin. This campground is ideally located for rides on the Taliesin, Wisconsin Triangle, Boaz Caz, White Mound, and River Bend Routes. It is situated in the woods just north of Highway 14, but it is far enough away so you really don't hear any traffic noise. Being in the woods, there is plenty of shade!

The Fireside Campground is both Pet and Biker friendly and the campground staff is very helpful and knowledgeable about local sights and activities. One other neat things they do is to allow 2 tents in one campsite, so each tent pay's 1/2 of the price. This means you can camp for around $16 per night!!

If you are looking for a campground in the Spring Green/Lone Rock area, we recommend that you check out the Fireside Campground. I'm sure we will be camping there again sometime soon!

Changes to the Driftless Store

Today we have made some changes to the Driftless Store. In an effort to make our routes immediately accessible to you at the time of purchase, we had to change a few things. But, we believe it is a change for the better. If you purchase a route download you no longer have to wait for us to send it to you. Instead, you will immediately have access to a zip file containing not only your route and track, but now, also the lite route and track. For those of you who don't know what a lite route is, it is a shorter version of your route that utilizes some of the same roads and some new ones as well. For times when the full route is too long, the lite routes are perfect! We were selling them separately, but now we are selling a bundle: route, track, lite route, lite track all for $3.99! We are also offering our new magnets in the store...check them out here!

Have a great week! Ride safe!

Dale and Renee

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