June 2nd Update: Norskedalen, Mindoro Cut Route

Located near Coon Valley, WI, and on the Mindoro Cut Route, you will find a center for Norwegian culture and history. Norskedalen is part arboretum, part museum, part classroom.

Whether you come to experience the natural beauty of the coulee region, the history of those who have lived there throughout time or the Norwegian heritage preserved in the buildings and artifacts; whether you take a class or attend a program, enjoy one of the special events, take the guided tour, spend the night in the Paulsen Cabin or Farmhouse, or just wander the grounds on your own; Norskedalen has something unique and very special to offer.

This is a great stop on a great route. The perfect summer stop...stretch your legs, learn some history, enjoy the beauty of the region! Don't forget, this is a location on the Driftless Challenge, so get a picture while you are there to send in!!

And speaking of the Driftless Challenge, we have never had as many entries as we did in May!! We are thrilled! This month's winner, is actually a couple! Congratulations to George and Lori! Don't forget, in addition to winning the monthly prize, winners are automatically entered in the grand prize drawing in October!! Keep those entries coming...they must be sent to

Finally, we wanted to mention that this weekend is one of the few group events that we are participating in this year. It is the Galena Adventure Ride, otherwise known as the Hugellandschaft Ride. This is primarily a dual sport event, but a few years ago we were approached to provide some pave alternatives and we have been attending ever since.

The hub for this event is the Palace Campground in Galena, IL, and there are loosely organized rides on Saturday and Sunday June 5th/6th (Friday too if you get their early enough). For more information about the event, go to the following web page: Hugellandschaft Ride 2021. If you want to download the paved routes, go to our home page I'll be in campsite 86, so be sure to stop by and say hi!

Until next week, ride safe and enjoy the summer weather! Routes and maps are waiting for you in the Driftless Store!

Dale and Renee

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