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May 27th Update: We Are Back!! + Galena Adventure Ride Details

Hey all!! We are back from our trip and the Driftless Store is completely open. We had a great time visiting our oldest son and daughter-in-law and we even managed to get in a couple of awesome rides in Washington and Oregon.

We are also excited that we got to test out the new Mobile Command Center (toy hauler). Renee and I are really looking forward to spending more time in this on some great riding trips.

Galena Adventure Ride:

The 2021 Galena Adventure Ride is coming up quickly - June 5th/6th. This ride is the brainchild of Terry Gerken and he has been hosting it for several years as the "Hugellenschaft Ride". Although it is primarily a dual sport ride, for the past few years, we have been providing paved options for the attendees. I will be posting the paved routes on our website sometime this weekend and I will have the ability to share/download the routes at the event. For more information about the event and access to the Dual Sport routes, please visit this ADVRider thread. Here are some pictures from last year's paved ride:

Driftless Challenge:

The May Driftless Challenge is almost closed, but there is still time to get your pictures in. Memorial Weekend is a great opportunity, so go get some pictures (safely of course) and enter the contest!

We would like to thank Craig D. for taking the time to add all of the GPS Coordinates and Street Addresses to the Driftless Challenge locations. Thanks again Craig!!

Here are a few of our May Driftless Challenge entries:

As always, thanks for all of your wonderful pictures and comments.

Ride Safe;

Dale and Renee

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