It doesn’t get any easier than this!  We load all 33 of our routes and tracks AND all 33 of our lite routes and tracks on a new USB Data Stick/Thumb Drive and ship it out.  This is a value of over $260.00! You can either load the files onto your computer, then onto a GPS, OR, if your GPS has a USB input, as some Harley Davidson's do, just plug it in and go! Detailed instructions for viewing the .gpx files on your computer can be found Here. Note:  Our routes are all designed to operate in GPS devices.  In addition to dedicated GPSs there are smartphone apps that will emulate a GPS with varying degrees of success.  If you choose to use a smartphone for navigation, please verify that the app you are using has the functionality and features that you require to handle our .gpx files.

Note: Harley Davidson riders using this thumb drive to directly load routes into their navigation system should only load 1 route at a time. Loading more than 1 route at a time could overload the memory of your navigation system causing the selected routes to load or display improperly.

USB Data Stick/Thumb Drive Pre-Loaded With all 33 of our Routes and Tracks AND a