Sabula Anamosa Route

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The Sabula Anamosa route connects Iowa’s only Island City (Sabula) to its pumpkin capital (Anamosa) with a side trip to Dubuque for good measure.  This route follows the Mississippi River north on the Great River Road from Sabula to Dubuque, Iowa. Although Highway 52 is a US Route, in some places along this stretch it looks more like a county road. It is sandwiched between the hillside and the river and at times becomes a tree-lined tunnel. Near Dubuque the route takes a slight detour through the Mines of Spain Recreational Area where you can hike or just relax and enjoy the views.  After this route leaves the Dubuque area the scenery transitions from steep bluffs to rolling farmland alternating with hill formations. In Anamosa be sure to stop at the National Motorcycle Museum, and visit one of our favorite stores, J&P Cycles. Wapsipinicon State Park is also a great stop, and don’t miss the amazing architecture of the Anamosa State Penitentiary.  On the final leg of this trip you will pass by Maquoketa Caves State Park as well as the historic Hurstville Lime Kilns as you make your way to Sabula.
Sabula Anamosa Route (pictured above): ~240 miles; 6 riding hours.
Sabula Anamosa Lite Route (not pictured): ~200 miles; 5 riding hours.
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  • Maquoketa:  Clinton Engines Museum, Costello’s Old Mill Gallery, Hurstville Interpretive Center, Hurstville Lime Kilns, Maquoketa Caves State Park, Jackson County Courthouse, Jackson County Historical Society
  • Anamosa:  National Motorcycle Museum, Wapsipinicon State Park, Grant Wood Art Gallery, Anamosa State Penitentiary, Jones County Courthouse
  • Dubuque:  Crystal Lake Cave, Monastery Candy, Mines of Spain Recreation Area, Julian Dubuque Monument
  • Monticello:  Edinburg Manor Haunted House, Jones County Historical Society, Edinburg Pioneer Village
  • Amber:  Hula Hoop Tree
  • Bellevue:  Bellevue State Park, Pleasant Creek Recreation Area
  • St. Donatus:  St. Donatus Pieta Chapel
  • Onslow:  Chamberlain Park
  • Wyoming:  Wyoming Historical Museum