Zumbro River Route

This route is named for the Zumbro River which runs through the middle of the route. It spans from the bluffs on the western shore of the Mississippi River to the northern edge of Rochester, MN.  The roads in and around the bluffs near the river are twisty and challenging. Further inland, the route follows the various rivers and streams, including the Zumbro River, to take advantage of as many fun roads as possible.  If you are in the Rochester area and are new to the Driftless Area, this is a great route to start on.  
NOTE:  While all of our routes were created utilizing paved roads, we are not able to keep up with road conditions throughout the entire Driftless Area.  It is up to each rider to assess road conditions and their own abilities in order to assure rider safety.
Zumbro River Route (pictured above): ~240 miles; 6 riding hours.
Zumbro River Lite Route (not pictured): ~190 miles; 5 riding hours.
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  • Kellogg:  Snake Creek ATV Trail, Zumbro Bottoms, Midway MX Park, Lark Toys, Giant Cowboy Boot
  • Wabasha:  National Eagle Center
  • Jerrett:  Rock Garden
  • Lake City:  Bald Eagle Bluff Scientific & Natural Area
  • Plainview:  Big Bull Statue
  • Millville:  Spring Creek Motocross Park, Meadow Valley Motocross
  • Elba:  Elba City Park, Elba Fire Tower
  • Rollingstone:  Luxemborg Museum, Rollingstone City Park
  • Mazeppa:  Run & Gun Paintball